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Seven signs that show your Board is in need of a Spring clean


This weekend I finally got round to spending some time in my garden digging, weeding, cleaning up and generally getting the garden ready for new growth. We are already into April and it was long overdue work.  It is a task I kept putting off. But I know that for a little work now, the garden will reap the benefits throughout the year.

Likewise with our Boards, regular spring cleans will do wonders for its effectiveness. The following seven signs will help you decide if your Board is in need of some weeding, cleaning up and fertilising.    


Do we need to clear some deadwood?


Carmichael Centre Child Protection Information Session


We had a great Child Protection Information Session here in Carmichael Centre on 5th April 2016.  The event was very well attended with very informative presentations from Louise Monaghan (NYCI) and David Brennan (Dept. of Justice & Equality) and lots of questions from those attending.  The main items on the agenda were the National Vetting Bureau Act 2012, the Children First Act 2015 and the Role & Responsibilities of a Designated Liaison Person (DLP).

The main points to come out of the session were as follows: 

The National Vetting Bureau Act 2012 

This legislation was enacted at the end of 2012 but is only expected to commence from 29 April 2016 and there are currently no plans to...

Charities Act 2009: Update on Charities Regulation





Background: The Charities Act 2009 is designed to ensure greater accountability and protect against abuse of charitable status. The Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) was set up on 16th October 2014.


Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA): The CRA is responsible for the Register of Charities. This includes the management of the CRA website (including the public access online register), annual reporting from registered charities and registration of new charities.



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