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When to call it a day: Stepping down from the board of a community, voluntary or charitable organisation





In Carmichael Centre we work with and support the boards of many different community organisations: large, small, rural and urban. Sometimes boards or individual trustees ask us for advice on when is the best time to step down. This would seem like a straightforward question. Our straightforward answer in the first instance is to check your governing document to see if there is any reference to how long a trustee can serve on the board (the most common practice is three years). This should also include guidance on how trustees can be reappointed after their term of office ends. In answering this question, we are conscious that the context if not always straightforward. There may be a number of issues behind the scenes. Below are a few scenarios based on...

Spread The Word About Your Compliance With The Governance Code!



In the wake of recent scandals in the community, voluntary and charity sector, and with greater public scrutiny of the sector, it is more important than ever to highlight your organisation’s good work and achievements. This reassures your stakeholders and the public at large that you are serious about ensuring the best possible service and value for those who access and support your organisation.


Compliance with the Governance Code provides your organisation with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the highest possible governance standards.



Good Governance Awards Launched



Carmichael Centre Good Governance Awards for Community, Voluntary & Charitable organisations


The Community, Voluntary and Charity (CVC) sector is facing unsettled times. Public sector funding has been cut and voluntary donations are under pressure, this has been coupled with the exposure of poor practice in several leading charitable organisations. In these tough times, strong governance is more important than ever and that CVC organisations respond effectively and quickly to emerging risks to deliver their objectives.


In this challenging context, the Carmichael Centre Good Governance Awards...

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