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10 key questions to ask before agreeing to join a Not-For-Profit board



Putting yourself forward for consideration or responding positively to an invitation to become a board member of a not-for-profit organisation is a very important and needed act of civic responsibility. The thousands of not for profit organisations play a critical part in society's response to a wide range of human needs.  Many are small groups surviving on very limited resources, but are tackling large problems. Through the passion, commitment and activities of these groups, a wide range of needed services and supports are delivered in areas such as health, social services, education, emergency relief, sports and culture. There are tens of thousands of people engaged daily in providing these services. They...

Benefacts goes live! Irish Civil Society Online


Benefacts goes live! Irish Civil Society Online

In both Ireland and the UK confidence in non-profits has been significantly dented in recent years. High profile organisations in both countries have been called to account for their activities and poor governance. A lack of trust has been identified as one of the biggest challenges for the non-profit sector.

With this in mind, the need for good communications between civil society, its stakeholders and the wider community is more important than ever. The sector needs to communicate openly and transparently about its work, how organisations are governed, what money they receive and what they spend that money on.

Benefacts is a new online service, aimed at making the work of Irish non-profits more visible and...

Seven signs that show your Board is in need of a Spring clean


This weekend I finally got round to spending some time in my garden digging, weeding, cleaning up and generally getting the garden ready for new growth. We are already into April and it was long overdue work.  It is a task I kept putting off. But I know that for a little work now, the garden will reap the benefits throughout the year.

Likewise with our Boards, regular spring cleans will do wonders for its effectiveness. The following seven signs will help you decide if your Board is in need of some weeding, cleaning up and fertilising.    


Do we need to clear some deadwood?


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