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6 Musts of Mentoring




Mentoring is fundamental to being a successful leader. That, in my opinion, is unequivocal!!

I have witnessed far too many leaders who do not invest time and energy – and you need both – in mentoring.

It is seen as the “soft stuff”, the “fluffy bits” and not critical. I beg to disagree.
If you do not mentor, then you will not light the fires in the people you are meant to be leading, and they – and you! – will be the lesser for it.

Oprah Winfrey said it brilliantly: “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the light inside yourself”

You will not help anyone just by “managing them”. Yes, managing them will get things done because that is the job. But mentoring your people will lift performance to a different level.
Mentoring will...

Time to Implement the Governance Code in Your Organisation


Charities were up very recently, one of the few remaining pillars of society, where the public’s trust has not been crushed by repeated damning failures. Our trust and confidence in the Banks, the Catholic Church, the political system and various organs of State, have been eroded by a series of scandals arising from poor controls, arrogance and lack a character.  The recent controversy in CRC demonstrates all too painfully that we in the Charities sector are not immune to the harmful damage that a major failure in corporate governance would have for our organisations and our sector. 
The development and adherence to good governance principles is a collective responsibility of the Board, the CEO and the Management team.  Other stakeholders such as funders and regulators have a...

We are an organisation that is neither a registered charity nor a company limited by guarantee. How will we register with the new charities regulator?


Although this process has not been set up yet, the following details as outlined in the Charities Act 2009 will be required with applications from organisations that are not already registered with the revenue commissioners or the companies registration office. 

Section 39. An application shall—

- specify the name of the charitable organisation and its principal place of business in that EEA state,

 - specify the names of the charity trustees and the addresses at which they ordinarily reside,

 - specify the places where the charitable organisation operates or carries on its activities or proposes to operate or carry on its activities (including places outside the State),

 - contain particulars of all bank accounts of the charitable organisation,


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