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Next Steps in Social Value


  It was fun charting the progress of my work in the Confessions of a first time SROI practitioner series.  So, what happened next?


I was delighted to receive my Accredited Practitioner certificate in the post, despite it looking rather crumpled (see image)!  And I revelled in the all the lovely congratulatory messages I received from people – thank you.


Naturally, there were loose ends to tie up with the Carmichael Centre project.  The full report and a summary were made available online.  I attended the March meeting of the Carmichael Centre board to discuss the implications of the findings.  I will deliver an Irish Evaluation Network seminar about the process at the end of May.  I am also contemplating whether to submit a proposal on this topic for an...

Preparing for Regulation - Kate O' Sullivan Memorial Lecture


I previously wrote about attending the Kate O'Sullivan memorial lecture at Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups.  Today was the fourth such lecture and I was delighted to be there amongst friends and colleagues, old and new.

CEO Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí set the scene by describing the economic climate in which community and voluntary groups are now operating.  He stressed that these groups have suffered disproportionately from cuts to public expenditure over recent years, with many now struggling to make ends meet.  It is often forgotten that the community and voluntary sector is mostly made up of small all-volunteer groups.  He quoted research that states that 55% of organisations have no paid staff at all and that a mere 2% of organisations have more than 50 staff.


5 Tips from Top CEO's on How to Prioritize


Do you really know how to prioritize?


In my experience, most of us are somewhere between okay and pretty awful when it comes to really understanding how to prioritize.

It tends to be a mixture of crisis management and those things that fall into the category of “things I like to do”!! Not a great criteria!

So, what lessons on how to prioritize can we learn from the top performing CEOs that I have worked with?

They ask themselves these 5 questions:

1. Is this on my dashboard of 5/6 key drivers of the business? (Will explain this later!)

2. Do I add value to this task?

3. Am I the one who should be dealing with it?

4. Is now the right time to deal with it?

5. Have I all the information I need to deal with it?


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