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High Performance Organizations have mindsets that set them apart


Every business wants to see themselves as high performance organizations, but sadly, not all are. One of the most significant factors that separate high performance organizations from the rest of the pack is their mindset.

High performance organizations will always have a growth mindset! That mindset will help them separate themselves from the pack, and stand out.

But, when engaged in Executive Coaching or Business Team Coaching, I often ask if they have a growth or fixed mindset and their answer will always be – of course, we most certainly have a growth mindset! After all, who wants to admit to having a fixed mindset?

But high performance organizations demonstrate their commitment to growth not by what they say, but by what they do and how they behave. So, when I...

A Total of €290,000 has been awarded to 25 community based organisations


A total of €290,000 has been awarded to 25 community-based organisations across the island of Ireland  as part of the Ulster Bank Community Impact Fund. Launched in February, in association with The Community Foundation for Ireland, voluntary and community organisations were invited to submit applications for funding to support the development of local enterprise activity, financial education and financial inclusion initiatives in communities throughout Ireland.


One of the organisations to receive funding is  Foroige who received a grant of €26,000. The funding will be used to help deliver its ‘Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Programme’, a cutting-edge youth entrepreneurship education and development initiative, for 2000 young people living in disadvantaged areas...

Forfás Report on Social Enterprise in Ireland: Sectoral Opportunities and Policy Issues. Summarised


The social enterprise sector employs between 25,000 and 33,000 people in over 1,400 social enterprises, with a total income of around €1.4 billion in Ireland. As there is such a strong social enterprise base here Forfás and the department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation were requested to undertake a review of the potential of the Social Enterprise Sector.  This could lead to possibilities for job creation.

Through research from existing literature data, extensive research fieldwork, a large workshop held in Forfás and 6 case studies undertaken, it is understood that social enterprises are not seeking additional state funding. Rather adjustments to some aspects of various policy areas including access to finance, procurement, capacity...

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